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Hire Rates

Hire Rates are per Hour

A Residents of Care/Retirement/Residential Homes & Disabled Persons
  First four hours £ 11.00
  Additional hours £ 12.00

B Charitable Groups and Domestic 
  First four hours £ 12.75
  Additional hours £ 13.75

C Commercial  
  First four hours £ 18.25
  Additional Hours £ 20.00

D Airport (Maximum 10 Passengers plus Luggage
  Gatwick £ 110.00
  Heathrow £ 90.00
  Stanstead/Luton £ 125.00
  All the above airport rates will be subject to "Waiting time" in the event of flight delays. Additional charges, not from Earley,
  will be charged at our discretion. Airport and other parking charges are the responsibility of the hirer at the time.

E Diesel Surcharges
  The fuel surcharge is £ 12 approx. per 100 miles travelled, with diesel costing £ 1.417 per litre, but is subject to actual diesel
  cost at the time of the journey.


  14 normally seated passengers. Only 10 normally seated to/from airports.
  1 clamped wheelchair and 13 normally seated or 2 clamped wheelchairs and 12 normally seated.

  3 folded wheelchairs, with small rear wheels, can be carried in the storage area next to the driver,
  but only 2 folded wheelchairs if the rear wheels are larger than 13" diameter.

  We are unable to accommodate electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

(a) Our rates above are inclusive of fuel. The hire charge is calculated from the time the vehicle leaves the Earley Depot until it's
  return there. The rates apply whether occupied by one or 14 passengers. We reserve the right to amend these rates at any time.

(b) Due to the fluctuations arising in diesel costs, we reserve the right to apply a diesel surcharge on any journey based on the cost
  of the fuel at the time of the journey, the distance travelled, and the fuel consumption of the minibus at the time.

(c) Cancellations within 48 hours of a journey will incur a charge of 3 hours of the appropriate tariff.

(d) Provisional bookings will only be held for a maximum of 14 days. Our "Application to Hire the Vehicle" Form must be returned
  to us, duly completed and signed within this period to avoid cancellation and the loss of the reservation.

(e) Passengers in wheelchairs must be accompanied by a carer. groups of passengers must nominate a member to be responsible
  for the persons in the group.

(f) Earleybus does not supply escorts for the elderly, infirm or disabled, nor pushers for wheelchair users. Elderly, infirm and
  disabled passengers are responsible for making their own arrangements in this respect.

(g) All our drivers and staff are unpaid volunteers.

(h) The drivers have basic elementary First Aid training.

(i) Prices and Terms & Conditions of Hire are subject to change at our discretion without prior notice.

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